Huckabee Speaks His Mind

Politics is above all about winning, and that is why Republicans have been so reluctant to criticize President Bush…keep a united front against the enemy (i.e., Democrats). However, conservatives seem to be awakening to the fact that President Bush is only the current leader of the country, not America itself. At what point does “winning” justify a greater losses for America? 

It was interesting and refreshing this week to see Mike Huckabee level some well placed criticism at the foreign policy of the Bush Administration. If more Republicans  had been willing to publically criticize misguided policies during the last seven years we might not be so far up the creek at the moment. I’m speaking first and foremost about the Iraq War, but also the abandonment of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition and secret prisons, and the new arms race stemming from missles in Eastern Europe.

Americans have become so polarized that there seems to be no place left for critical dissent. Its either “Our guy can do no wrong” or “Your one of them so you have NOTHING to say”. This may be part of a slow collapse of our two party system, a system where the parties more different in style than in substance and neither are looking out for middle class America. It offers no real alternatives to the mess we are in. When calls for change are so easily dismissed who wins?

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