…Been a while

Well, I really let this site slide for way to long but I’ve had a lot on my plate. Lots of stuff going on with my kids (the most awesomest in the world), and the studio, which has been BUSY in recent months, not to mention a fair amount of gigging. I just did a great gig last Sunday, a tribute concert featuring Joe Aaron, a great clarinet player (for the last 80 years) still doing 10-20 gigs a month. We did some jazz standards as well as traditional eastern European music. I play upright bass with Joe in Torahpalooza, you should hear him.

Torahpalooza is one of the projects (nearly finished) in the studio right now, it’s turning out great! There’s a lot of playing on this CD, which features reknown Cantor David Barash, ‘Lil Rev on mandolin and harmonica, as well as flute, tenor sax, electric and acoustic guitar, percussion, and a choir on several songs.

Also nearing completion is the debut by Urban Sol, Damion Thompson’s joint. US is a large, super high energy soul/hip-hop band playing ‘real’ instruments (including three horns, 4 singers straight outta church, rappers and poets). This CD is a live recording of a concert done in March, and it’s smokin’! Great playing throughout, this band is definitely from the street, but with a fantastically uplifting message and energy.

Also set for release in June is Bob Parduhn’s latest, which features yours truely on electric bass. Bob led the hugely popular Bones of Contention, and this music is in a similar vein, though a bit less jammy and more textural. This has been a lot of fun to play on as well as produce. Hopefully we’ll do a release party later in the summer when keyboardist Matt Meixner has more time.

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