Happy New Year Y’all. Well,¬† it’s been seven months since I’ve posted (see a pattern forming?). Busy, busy. Last summer we finished and put out the Urbansol and Bob Parduhn CDs. Both were well received; I did sound for Urbansol on the last nice Saturday of the year at the Bavarian Club. Initially it seemed a little strange to have a hip-hop/R’n’B band playing in such a “European” surrounding, but producer Damion Thompson had enough vision to look beyond that, and as the sun went down and the lights came up, it was pure soul magic.

The Bob Parduhn¬† Band split a bill with my band Salt Creek at Linneman’s, always one of the best places to play and see live music in Milwaukee…it was great to see so many of Bob’s friends and fans from over the years come out, and take home a great disc. A good time was had by all.

The Torahpalooza CD is finished, just waiting to unleash it on you all…Shabat Shalom!

I had the Cream City Bluegrass Band in not too long ago. The session went great; the initial demo turned into the first third or half of their upcoming album, the band played well and I am loving! the sound of my new gear.

Well, I’ve been playing a lot more recently…Salt Creek is back in action and even working on new material. We have some shows booked, and an all live CD coming out in April. Due to my foresight and insanity, I dragged out my recording rig to four concerts we played; the CD includes the best tracks from those shows, and there is some seriously burning stuff on there. I’ve also started playing bass with Tim Cook and the Riverwesterners. This is a seriously fun band doing classic honky-tonk standards (Ray Price, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, etc). Tim Cook is a definitely an original, and is a great frontman. The band really cooks too…it’s half of the Uptown Savages, and Milwaukee legend Tim Taylor killing on the lap steel. This is country from the time when country music was still swingin’. I’ve been playing straight ahead jazz with Ben Hans as well, which is good because I started to get real lazy with my bass playing, and when you’re playing with guys like Ben and Roger Brotherhood, they know right away if you’re faking it-you’ve got to be on your game.

I am teaching a free one month beginning guitar class at Fixx Coffeehouse, in St. Francis. This is designed as an introduction to guitar playing and a way to get people to begin to conquer the physicalities of the instrument. If you’re interested get ahold of me through the contact page on this site.

It’s been a long time, but I’ve started to write again, and finish halfway written songs that have languished for years. Next week I have a solo gig in madison; Chris and Mary of the Stellanovas will be backing me up. I recorded their CD, “Cafe Jazz”, and Chris played in Salt Creek for a year and a half… they’re fantastic and I’m looking forward to the show. It’s part of their Tuesday night series Mad Toast, which will be podcast from WORT. Look for more solo shows around the Milwaukee area in 2009.

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