More nuts and bolts, less ideology.

This is a letter I wrote to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that was published recently:

Would someone please explain to me how further tax cuts and deregulation are going to have different effects on our economy than they did during the George W. Bush years?

I don’t recall substantial job growth, but rather jobs being shipped overseas, a real estate bubble followed by a stock market bubble, companies becoming “too big to fail” (needing taxpayer bailouts) and the richest becoming much richer. Since I began following politics in the Reagan ’80s, there has been only one president to leave office with the economy in better condition than when he came in (Bill Clinton), and he wasn’t primarily about deregulation and ultra-low taxes.

The genius of the new conservative machine is that many of its loudest proponents are mostly hurt by its policies – like my friend always posting on Facebook about “Obamacare” yet working full time and can’t afford health insurance.

I run a small business, and, yes, Bush cut my taxes by $1,000 a year, but I’d gladly give that back for future access to student aid for my kids, a regular music class for my son, solid roads and bridges, affordable health care and a coherent energy policy that looks to the future rather than the past.

Guy Fiorentini

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