Fly Studios

I run Fly Studios, a full service recording studio on Milwaukee’s South Side. Fly’s got four acoustically designed, visually-connected rooms, Pro Tools, a variety of high end preamps, great converters, a large mic collection, high end & vintage amps and instruments, and great ears. We’re also totally mobile and experienced in remote recording. Looking for that elusive instrument or sound? We’ve got the best musicians in the region at our disposal, let us hook you up. We’re just 8 minutes from downtown Milwaukee.

clients: The Stellanovas, Carlos Adames, Urban Sol, Mike Gruber, Lil’ Rev,  Mt. Zion Sound System, Colin O’Brien, Bill Armstrong, Hubbard Hustle, The Western Box Turtles, Micah Olsan Band, Salt Creek, Will Branch, Jerry Grillo, Temple Emanuel, Nuance Communications, The Liberty Bluegrass Band, Peter Roller, Bob Parduhn, Jennifer Lee, Cantor David Barash, Dan Vaughn, Big Cedar, Cream City Bluegrass, Trixx, Shelly Davis, Binky Tunney, Branches Band, Uncle Larry, Laurie Birmingham, Evan Paydon Band, Jacobi and the Pillowsnatchers, Incorruptibles…..

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